Monday, April 19, 2010

Schoolism assignment 1 Sketches

Here is the progrees on my first assignment with "Caricature art with Jason Seiler" We are to draw 3 diffrerent regular people in different angles or one angle of each. Then to top that off....surprise you will have to check back by the 26th of April.! That is when the first deadline is comming up. I really like my new lap drawing board, and it has pockets under neith! This class is a great investment to my portfolio. I have such an urge to add shading with water color or something but I am holding off, because my wonderful wife debbie is always has the brains. She said to stick to the assignment and then later you can go back and add what ever you want!! You what do all you think, can't water colors, color pencils, gouache washes be considered part of sketching?
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