Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Two different layouts for my Obama and BP cover

I am having a hard time deciding witch pose and layout looks the best and then I will sketch it up and paint it in photo shop. My assignment calls for figuring out a famous person or politician and getting his likeness and then put him in a situation. I have decided to have president Obama on the beach with him having to pull a bp sign out of the oil on the ground. He will have a very discussed or worried face and body pose. There will also be dead fish and oiled up birds around him. I don't usually do collages like this for my Ideas, but I really wanted visually make sure the lighting, enviroment and body works with the head before the next step of sketching it before my deadline on July 5th! CAN I PLEASE AHAVE SOME FEED BACK ON WHICH ONE WORKS BEST AND MAYBE WHAT I COULD DO IMPROVE IT THANK YOU!

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