Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weekly Magazine Test.

I was very thrilled to have a chance to do a paid test Illustration with "The Week" magazine. They where really great to work with and they have some really creative ideas for covers. I am really hoping they will continue to use me. The job started on Monday evening at 6pm, and the deadline was Wednesday at 5pm. It was a challenge for me but I really believe it came out Ok? The artist that was being published this week was by my great artist friend Fred Harper in New York.

They wanted us to make it look like Uncle Sam is taking a beating, and really thin and weak. McCulllen and Obama will both be trying to tell him what to do. 
I had fun doing this rush project and hope they will use me in the future.
Well here is the work with close ups. (as you can tell it was a rush job 1.5 days)

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