Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My progress on a Illustrated City Map

This project is really testing every patience I have in me. It is not just the work, but also the pressure from the client. The client wants it finished in another week and he is betting every thing he has on it. I could get more into detail about the situation but it is personal, an I rather just stick to business and not get involved in other peoples personal life. This has a great opportunity to be very successful if I do it right so I am trying to make it more a modern/classic look with the more realistic map and the Illustrated Items that will be around such as:
here some of the ideas of what I have left to paint, not including logos etc.
Client said:
> Now as a reminder:
> You have to have two air-planes with banners.
> You have to have fishing boats with people fishing
> You have to have para-sailing.
> You have to have people on the beach.
> You have to have a trolly
> You have to have a taxi
> You have to have a shuttle van "Sky Blue" with wings in the air.
> You have to have Bay News Nine - lower right hand corner
> You have to have Treasure Island Chamber of Commerence.
> I'll STOP.....
Ha Ha The glory of freelance.
I am planning on doing every thing separate and then attach them on the map.
Well if anyone has any ideas how to make this work a little better as far as placement. I am all ears. Have a great night and sorry for all the jabbering!

the second is both Treasure Island and St Pete beach combined. It was way to long and too small for details of clients logos.
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