Sunday, April 29, 2012

What Can a Bass See?

Hello Everyone!
Here is one and some close ups of the Illustrations published is the spring issue of the Bass angler Magazine, I will share more when I get the issue in the Mail! If anyones sees the issue in the store please take a picture of it! :)

I feel totally blessed to have received publications and I always pray for more! I know god will provide and show me how to advertise myself, but we all know that takes time and sometimes alot of money! I will share more on this job soon, but in the mean while here are a little  sneek peak at the article and the art I did!

"What Can a Bass See? Part 2
The UV Mystery
By Aaron LeSieur

 In this article we will discuss UV light, some of its’ properties and if bass have the physical ability to detect it visually.  You may be asking yourself why you should be concerned with UV light in regards to bass fishing.  Because there are bait and scent companies, like Pro Cure, Persuader and Tightlines UV, currently using UV properties in their manufacturing process to potentially attract bass."

I used my self for reference! :)

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