Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valet Waste meeting moral boosting with LarsERArts!

I just wanted to first Thank my agent Tammi (and yes my great friend Tad Barney) with the-nose for continuing to help promote me and my business! Check out my Page on there site, and I also sometimes receive studio jobs with them as well!
I did a job for them the day before my birthday on Monday, January 28th 2013, for a Valet Waste company meeting. I am hoping to receive pictures from the event. Here is a great testimonial I received from them.
Ps. Everytime I ask clients I work for thru agents I hardly never receive a feed back so that was very nice to receive.
God is great!
See ya later aligator!
Lars-Erik Robinson was absolutely phenomenal!  Everyone loved having him here and was an absolute delight to work with him.  It was like he was a part of our team and the meeting.

He was so beyond worth the money spent and his work is outstanding!

Thank you!

Laura Heintz
Executive Assistant  
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