Monday, July 29, 2013

Current project on the board (trying to organize myself)

I have not updated my blog in a while so I thought I would just tell you all something that happened and current progress on work.

On a personal note: I made an appointment at the dentist today for a major toothache, then when I left my tooth chipped! ohh man I have to wait till 11am tomorrow! Well stop winning back to work! 
 On top of my childrens book due in November I have been approached by other jobs such as designing logo and a character for Zen Monkey (this one was a reject just got a little carried away).

I have also received some contract work with General Dynamics to come up with an editorial piece for a website. The Illustration is suppose to show a machine shaping a clouds that data is stored in the internet. This is put to side until I hear back from the client and that gets frustrating balancing everything!

Now I was just approached for a job due on Friday to paint a drug sniffing dogs head on a Vipyr snake. (more to come on that job)

I got contacted to do a Caricature of some new Survivor famous people. I can't say who at this point and will share more soon. I am about 3/4 done with this piece due in the middle of August (so I am going on to the snake project)
It is taking forever on this Contractor Cartoon character I am working on for this advertising agency Think Tank. Now they want the character less edgy, wow it never ends it seems like there are to many people deciding on what the final character should look like!
Well for now be well and swell!

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