Monday, June 15, 2015

Mark Henry Wrestler Caricature

Do you think I have a style that says Lars, as far as look of the painting technique is considered? By the way this is a Mark Henry the wrestler, and I thought the tight uniform was a good contrast artistically! I have not shared much as of late because I am working hard on try to wrap up my Arnie the Christmas pig children's book, 5 paintings on depicting Hell, gigs in between drawing Caricatures, my lead cool position in the early mornings from 5-1pm. I am not complaining but I needed to have an outlet where I can just paint for fun, and yes this was done in about Three hours and I looked back at it and asked my self "Do have a look that screams that is a LARSER ARTS style painting? By the way I wanted to exegerated his body and arms more than his face, people always think a caricature as to be done in the face!
The next images photo reference was found online on Google and was used only as reference Copyrights belong to Mark Henry

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