Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wedding Caricature in Studio

I just can not seem to get a hang of the right technique to do the pen and ink and colored digitally for a Caricature Illustration commission. I start sketching in sketch book pro, take the rough drawing into Magna Studios for inking and then finally into photoshop for coloring. I do not mind the low budget type funded work but for some reason this week I had some difficulty trying to get it where I liked the Caricature in a speedy. It was done in a couple of hours, where as I could have done it in like 20 minutes traditionally, but I believe it would not look as clean as it is now. I think when I get the pen and ink work I am doing it traditionally and then scanning in for color, it just feels better! I also working on Golf T-shirts and shared a technique inking in Magna studios. What do you all think does it look clean and dynamic enough?

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