Thursday, September 9, 2010

Clients sometime do not understand what artist go thru!

Just sent out a quote on a job, and I can sense that the client will not understand what is involved with making this a good piece of Caricature art!  Here is a sample of what they wanted:

Here's what I need: A  20' by 30' (or there abouts) caricature off a general photo of what two people look like.
Story: This couple's canoe tipped over while canoeing in the river. When we finally turned the boat over, there was too much water at the bottom. On one end was Amit (the guy) and the othe end was Neha( the girl). They lost the paddle and so Amit was using his only left sandle to literally "shovel' the water out of the boat. Neha tried to help by using a water bottle to fill and empty. Except, the bottle was full and instead of dumping the water out of the boat, with all the crazyiness going on, she ended up pouring the water "in' the boat. Hillarious!
"caricature needed:  Out on the hillsborough river surrounded by trees, marshes etc. Boy on one end frantically trying to shovel water out with a sandle. girl on other end in a pony tail smiling and pouring the water from the bottle inside the boat. Caption: stuck up a river without a paddle...unexpected. Knowing someone's always got your back, priceless". She was wearing a black tank top and he was some t-shirt. Red canoe.  can you do it in week?cost?can I pick it up locally?" 
Wow I would need body references, boat, location shots! Fun to do but are they willing to go the mile it takes?

I can always do a quick retail Caricature type but I would rather paint it a little tighter!
This is what I wrote them back!
Dear R--------
Ok I will do this for $----- with a $----deposit prior to starting.  (there is alot of planning and references to take before even starting this project!)
Need to have:
Three different angles of each model.
Color of there eyes,
The majority of the color scheme, 
Reference of :
The canoe, 
location area shoots "hillsborough river surrounded by trees, marshes etc"
Need to pose some models in the positions wanted.
Ay pre-fence on medium Can it be digital and the printed out 20-30 or does the client want it done on toned pastel paper, with colors? 
Here are some samples of what the work could look like: please check links below:
Thank You very much sincerely yours Lars-Erik Robinson

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