Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bobby Petrocelli project part 2

Every job has there bumps and every client has a different vision of what they want. Basically if you read the other blog post  you will see that I was getting excited, was craving to get creative. I come to my attention he wanted the smaller photo he has of himself enhanced, and colored in photoshop. You can't always be picky with clients, but I took the black and white photo and made it larger, tightened it, added more values, brush strokes etc.

I used the coloring tool in photoshop and added the colors Flesh, dark blue on his shirt and a split complimentary color with the lighter green in the background. I then flattened the whole piece and added brush strokes to make it look painted. It was a fun experience to experiment and learn photoshop cs6 more, but I would rather be more creative. Clients are always #1 and I always do what ever I can to satisfy their vision!
Final Colored Portrait:
Next up is to paint a banner in the same technique:
Here is a thumbnail ( he does not want the other details with the Truck, Base ball, bed, window etc.

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