Saturday, October 13, 2012

My sons National Society Essay

I can't say how proud I am of my son Sean Donald Robinson. He is achieving straight "A", and he want to be phycologist. No matter what he does I love him so much! Here is an essay he wrote for National Honor society.

National Junior Honor Society Essay
By: Sean D. Robinson

     The definition of character is the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. Having superb character consists of six main traits: trustworthiness, caring, responsibility, respect, fairness and citizenship. Daily throughout the week I display these traits but also daily attempt to improve upon them.
     Trustworthiness is staple in the attitude of good character. The saying goes if you want to get something done ask a busy person. The meaning of this means is if someone’s busy they do what there trusted to do; that’s why people ask them.  My friends often consult in me about matters due to my trustworthiness. I will bring trustworthiness to the NJHS.
     Caring is displaying kindness and concern for others. Caring is not just listening and giving a mediocre answer. Caring is listing, giving good heart-felt advice, taking interest in, and actually helping. If I get accepted into the NJHS I will care about problems in the school. I will care about whatever problem presents itself at the time. Caring is a crucial element in my book.
     Responsibility… it has been a word we’ve all known since 1st grade. It still plays an important role in out lives. I know that responsibility is the doing of your words or expectations from others. I believe that other adults and role models help teach us responsibility by the doing if their own actions. I will continue to be responsible in NJHS and be a model to others around me so that they may learn responsibility.
     Respect is an attitude I’ve had throughout my school career and is a behavior that I will continue to show to everyone. Including teachers, school staff members, and other adult figures. My friends and peers as well. I will unquestionably bring respect to the NJHS.
     Fairness can sometimes be hard to judge and perceive. I’ve had several years of experience in the field of fairness. In 3rd-5th grade I was a peer mediator; I settled disputes between people. I had to not take sides and be fair in my decisions. Through that experience I have much fairness and will continue to express that throughout the 8th grade.
    Citizenship refers to the character of an individual viewed as a member of society. I am very active in my church Grace Christian Fellowship. I am there so frequently that basically I live there. Every Wednesday I get there at 4:00 and help set up for the festivities that begin at 7:00. That’s only a fraction of the role I play in my church. I have much citizenship in my character and will continue with it in NJHS.
     Character… a simple 9-letter word that defines all of us whether it is solid character or poor character. Six traits of having solid character are trustworthiness, caring, responsibility, respect, fairness and citizenship. I know I have each of these. I will show them everywhere I go and will always continue to better them.
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