Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Caricature Classes starting up again on April 1st, 2013

Classes LIVE locally in Largo with Lars-Erik Robinson

I am very thrilled to once again Caricature Class at the Largo Community Center, starting up again in April 1st if we get at least 6 signed up 
Here is how you can find out more information
Call and sign up with your payment today
727-518-3131 or call me 727-422-0668
"Caricatures Classes with Lars-Erik Robinson" 
A little blurry this is what is says:
"Lars-Erik Robinson, a talented caricature, illustrator and portrait artist, will teach you the art of drawing caricatures of friends and family and even celebrities. In this 4 week class you will learn to get a realistic likeness in your a fun and friendly atmosphere. 
(Some supplies are included. A materials list is available.

$45 Resident with Cards
$ 56.25 Non Resident with Cards
$68.25 With out Cards

(Cards are good for both Largo and Pinellas Park)

Recreation Cards Cost:
$10 a year for Residents
$59 a year, $39 for 6month, and $24 for three months.

Mondays from 7 – 9pm
(Minimum of 6 students) As of today we have 5 signed up
*Call to be placed on the interest list. 
*Classes starting soon! 

Largo Community Center 
400 Alternate Keene Rd
Largo, FL 33773 
Read more on this on the website above or pick up the "Play Magazine"
I am looking forward to seeing you all there!
Thank you Eileen Crowell (arts coordinator for the City of Largo)
Here is my brain storm on the class:
Name: "Start your week out learning Art-Tainment (Caricatures) with Lars"
Short Description:

Week 1: First thing I will be all set up for a retail style Caricature booth with display and all. I would then draw a demonstration off a photo reference received from other fellow artist. I will have the drawing recorded and to be projected on a screen projector. They can observe the 5-7 quick Caricature in Black and white, and then another 5- minutes to add the color. I will then ask them to draw each other on the spot, get to know each other, and also so I can see the level of the students. The rest of the day talk history, foundations, and other links to references. Assignment is to do a value chart, draw shapes with shading in a medium of choice

week2: Have all your own sketch book to take notes, and sketch in to share with teacher. Importance of seeing shapes, squinting, sketching  from a photographs or the fellow student in front of you, critiques will be done with trace over lays by Lars.

week3: Demonstrate Traditional mediums, digital medium Caricatures and tricks in photshop for studio Caricatures. Home work continue to work on studio Caricature off a photo of a famous person or from photos supplied of my choosing. I will also be working a studio piece that you will be able to follow as the students work on there own work. Your final art work will be due at end of the month for grading.

week 4: I will continue to share news about the feild, share personal stories, work on private commissions right in the class that you will be able to along with, ask questions, while following my steps. You will be working on your final assignment in class, followed by me critiquing the Caricature art with a trace over lay or in photoshop showing pointers on how to improve. I encourage all my students to continue to keep me in the loop of your progress even after the class is over, but the further along you take the class with me the more advanced and harder the courses will be!

Sign Up Today:
Lars-Erik Robinson 727-422-0668
Recreation Program Manager-Community Center:
Warren Ankerberg
400 Alt Keene Rd
Largo, FL 33771
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