Sunday, December 22, 2013

Read my testimonial

While I lived in Sweden in 1978-89, I got involved with the Hip-hop culture and it started as positive movement, but then instead of stealing paint we went for Cars, money, violence, vandalism, drugs you name it. I remember a friend got shot in the head from the back and I ran, remember asking someone to help me! Was in an abandon building getting high with friends, seeing nothing but darkness. I moved to Sweden to live my dad at the age of 18 years old and my mother had a breakdown and could not Handel me! I did not get any better until I was in college and a christian friend Tim Mckenna came and picked me up drunk from a party and told me Jesus would do the same thing and died for me to wash my sins away. I did not see this until 5 years later after a Bible study, it hit me while for some reason I was on the ground watching a star make SOS messages to me, at that point I realized that my God as always been there for me but I ignored him! I was suddenly overwealmed with sorrow but at the same time a peace and Joy that Gods only son Jesus Christ would sacrifice himself for me to have a clean slate! I still have problems to this day, but now I feel the need to be with other believers to help me, so I can spread the kingdom thru my gifts he has given me! I hope everyone has a great CHRISTmas and a happy new year! Peace!
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