Sunday, January 5, 2014

Akihito Acrylic Painting

My final Akihito done with Acrylics on Cancas, and I personally like the under painting better.
I really enjoyed painting Arihito the Japan General. I did traditional medium in Acrylics for the Tradition Medium Facebook Contest. I hope to add some coloring. Good night
I was able to add some colors, but the shot is not the greatest because it was getting dark outside. I like that my little girl Jillian wanted to be in the shot as well. 
I hope to have my iMac back by the end of the week from the Best Buy Geek squad but in the mean time I will be enjoying the no techno experimentation with my traditional mediums. A big thank you goes out to my associate pastor Lucas Hillman for the new Brushes and paints. God is good let's make this year about him our savior! 
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