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Fail-Safe Caricature Bible synopsis

I thought I would share my progress on this art technique caricature book, please comment, or let me know what I should do to improve it! If you want to help with references and comments in the book I will give a link in the book to your contact info and there will be a budget for show casing your work in the book. In fact there is 25% allocated to other guest artist or vendors etc. Tnhank you for helping make this a successful book!

Failsafe Caricature Bible

Author: Lars-Erik Robinson

Ready-to-draw caricatures and step-by-step Exaggeration techniques

This practical guide will give the beginning artist who might think Caricaturing is something to be of a very highly advanced and complex task to take on a much easier approach through a simple formula to learn from! Even the most professional artist will be able to utilize this failsafe technique to better understand how to Caricaturize people, pets, animals, objects and in general how to push there boundaries in their craft even more!

You will learn how to draw with either a traditional or/and digital tracing layering technique. As a young artist I have learned how to draw by copying with the traditional tracing paper and over the years became an expert at this new technique! For beginners of the trade this failsafe technique will help them create an even more Caricaturized, exaggerative or further stretching of their main features. All along keeping in mind the models or objects personality, interest, and attitude! The artist will also be able to use the including visuals to better understand their shapes, planes, perspective and direction lines Illustrated on top of the reference. This will ultimately help place their art in a more believable, realistic, fantasy or cartoon type of environments of their choice!

The most important thing to remember is no matter what background or experience the reader might have, they will receive helpful demonstrations, visuals, and comments along with examples of Caricature Illustrations of every day ordinary people, to famous people in a live situation or a studio photo reference situation, and after mastering this failsafe technique will be shown even be more advanced rendering techniques. This book becomes a great essential tool for any artist how wants to evolve and improve there art!

S p e c I f I c a t I o n

Trimmed Page Size:

11”-8.50” (280mmx215mm)

Extent: 160 pages

Wire Bound

Printed four color through out

Words: Approx. 20,000 words

Illustrations: Over 300 images


Prelims: (5pp) • Using this Book: (2pp) • History of Caricaturing: (5pp)

Getting Started: 9pp) Anatomy: (8pp) • Fail safe Techniques: (110pp¶)

  • Realist Vs. Caricatured portraits
  • Live Caricature
  • Studio Caricature
  • Objects Caricaturized
  • Advanced Techniques

Showcase: (12pp) • Resources: (4pp) • Index and Credits: (5pp)

P R E L I M S (5pp)

U S I N G T H I S B O O K: (2pp)

  • Tools and Materials
  • Computer software
  • Finding sources of inspiration
  • How to read the formulas.

Chapter One / History of Caricaturing: (5pp)

  • History of the street and live History of tracing techniques Caricaturing.
  • The first editorial and studio caricaturing
  • History of the first art tracing and layering technique

Chapter Two / Getting Started: (9pp)

  • Setting up your work station and studio
  • Understanding why we need to know the true and realistic view of the subject, before you can Caricaturize.
  • How to look and understand the subject
  • Understanding the reason for the fail-safe technique.
  • How to use the techniques in your own art work.

Chapter Three / Anatomy:

  • Studies and demonstrations of the different parts of the true and realistic view of the subject, before you can Caricaturize. Building the knowledge of the subject to be illustrated.

Ø Portraits

Ø Eyes

Ø Noses

Ø Mouth

Ø Chin

Ø Ears

Ø Bodies

Ø Other subjects

  • How to look and understand the subject

Ø Shapes

Ø Sections

Ø Receding

Ø Directions

Chapter Four / Failsafe Technique and More: (110pp)

  • This part of the book is where we demonstrate the different ways that the traditional tracing and digitally Photoshop laying can be helpful with arrows and other information over the references and with the art on top showing the changes.

Ø Realist vs. Caricatured portraits

Ø Live Caricature

Ø Studio Caricature

Ø Objects Caricaturized

Ø Advanced Techniques

Chapter five / Show Case: (12pp)

· In this section we will demonstrate what has happened to my work and other guest artist using with this failsafe technique and along with some of other methods to achieve similar effects.

Ø Art work showcased and commented about in the traditional tracing method.

Ø Art work with the digitally layering method in Photoshop that is also showcased and commented on.

Ø We will contact other artist in the Caricature business to showcase there work and use this fail safe technique or other advanced ways in which there work is completed.

Ø Artist will also be asked to give us a short explanation or critique of how this technique has helped them, or even explain how they have come to there own conclusions on how to caricaturize even better through possible other methods!

Chapter Seven / Resources: (4pp)

  • Glossary
  • Links and international suppliers.
  • Other related organizations.

Index and credits: (5pp)

About the Author:

Lars-Erik Robinson is an experienced Caricaturist, Illustrator, Muralist, Fine-Artist, Graphic Designer, Chef, Teacher and a well known Artist Entertainer. He has several how-to videos on line with different techniques and demonstrations. Graduating from Ringling College of Art & Design in 1994 he has over the past 15 years built a strong client base with his company LarsE.R. Arts, “All Around Art-Tainment”. You can see his work in several books, publications and advertisements, and In addition to his high quality studio work, he has also perfected his roots as a live Caricature artist, with his show known as “The Art-Tainment Show”! This is a highly entertaining and creative show, which can be seen at any type of event or gathering of people. Lars is looking forward to advancing his teaching career and is planning on attending Graduate collage

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