Sunday, March 21, 2010

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Re: How to Exaggerate "Ordinary" Faces

I am trying to research this very discussion and I can use any ones help. I agree with glenn all his points and others. This publisher wanted me to come up with a formula that show first the reference with then a tracing paper over lay ,or a the sheet under lay (live caricatures), or layers in digital. Then the Illustrations on top of the reference will show each step in the drawing process are first rendered in maybe just the angels or the out lines showing the pushing of the exegeration. I told the editor the only way I could trian this technique would do be to understanding that any artist really needs to understand the anatomy of the facial or body construction, prior to really being able to Caricaturize or exergerate. I am a big believer that any artist if they want a believable Caricature should really know how to do realistic portraits first.
Please check out my Lars Blog ( for more info on this upcoming book to be called (working title) The Fail-Safe Caricature Bible.

Thank You all for your suggestions and I am looking forward to discussing this subject!
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