Saturday, March 20, 2010

Failsafe Caricature steps

Here is an example of the fail safe technique my agent wanted me to look in to. This is showing a step - by step technique of the order in which each part of the person (Or object) is drawn. Each 14 steps can be shown in a different color and can be related to a number which shows the steps of creating a Caricature or even realistic portraits. Prior to this step there will be an under laying quick gesture of the shapes exaggerated from the original portrait! Fourteen steps for making a Caricature (or Portrait) has to always be taken in to consideration of what type of mood, personality, or story the artist is trying convey! The drawing included in just a straight on view and sometimes gives the art boring and non interesting Caricature. You should always think of how the difference of frontal, side, birds, frog, or three quarter views can change the feel of the art! I always feel the artist should focus on really capturing the eyes, because in the eyes is where you can read the personality and it's soul! Second I think is the models body pose, which also helps Illustrate the person (or objects) personality.
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