Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wifes B-day and later drew our Obama President

I have had a busy weekend, which started me off with on Saturday morning cooked breakfast for our men's Bibles study. Then I went to Freedom Square to chef from 10-5pm, and then I had to run of to the Tropical stadium for a volenteer event to draw Caricatures for a wine tasting and auction for the Abilities Foundation! Thank You again Frankie Delushia from Chi Chi rodrigas Golf academy! That next morning on Sunday me and my great and wonderful family was of to Grace Christian Fellowship for a really great day at church, with our verse by verse study in the book of Esther! Every first Sunday I am at the St Pete Pier from 1-4pm, which I felt this day was a very entertaining event! My wifes 41st. Birthday is also today and we had some great Steak, and fish! Later that evening I started Practicing President Obama to be featured in my synopsis for my "hopefully" new "How to draw Caricatures from a photo book" that I have been approuched by a publishing agent in the UK "Quatro". Please pray for me that I will find a way to pull this off and represent the Caricature artist community in the most accurate and educational way possible!
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