Saturday, September 29, 2012

Caricature Classes with LarsER Arts

I am very thrilled to be asked to teach a Caricature Class at the Largo Community Center, starting up in January 7th. Here is how the flyer was written:
Call today to sign up only one more to go. 727-518-3131

"Caricatures Classes with Lars-Erik Robinson" 

A little blurry this is what is says:
"Lars-Erik Robinson, a talented caricature, illustrator and portrait artist, will teach you the art of drawing caricatures of friends and family and even celebrities. In this 4 week class you will learn to get a realistic likeness in your a fun and friendly atmosphere. 
(Some supplies are included. A materials list is available.
No Classes January 26th and February 18)"

Mondays from 7 – 9pm
(Minimum of 6 students) As of today we have 5 signed up

*Call to be placed on the interest list. 
*Classes starting soon! 

Largo Community Center 
400 Alternate Keene Rd
Largo, FL 33773 
 Read more on this on the website above or pick up the "Play Magazine"
I am looking forward to seeing you all there!

Thank you Eileen Crowell (arts coordinator for the City of Largo)

Here is my brain storm on the class:

Name: "Start your week out learning Art-Tainment (Caricatures) with Lars"
Short Discription:

Week 1: First thing will be all set up for a retail style Caricature booth with display and all. I would then like to draw Eileen Crowell Largo Arts Cordinator  (or someone else in the class whom ever is first) to get there Caricature drawn. I will have the drawing recorded and to be projected on a screen projector. They can observe the 5-7 quick Caricature in Black and white, and then another 5- minutes to add the color. I will then ask them to draw each other on the spot, get to know each other, and also so I can see the level of the students. The rest of the day talk history, foundations, and they will receive a sheet on how to build there own easel!

week2: Importance of seeing shapes, squinting, sketching  from a photographs critiques by the end of Class.

week3: Demonstrate Traditional mediums, digital medium Caricatures and tricks in photshop for studio Caricatures. Home work continue to work on studio Caricature off a photo of a famous person of my choosing. I will also be working on the same famous person. due at end of Class for grading

week 4: Start the day with Students Caricaturing the teacher, and discussion, questions with teacher,  critiquing the final assignment. 

Sign Up Today:


Recreation Program Manager-Community Center:
Warren Ankerberg
400 Alt Keene Rd
Largo, FL 33771
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