Monday, September 3, 2012

Critique Teaching classes online

I have always felt it is important to help my fellow artist and friends. So I came up with a great way to to hire my teaching skills and get advise from a artist that has been in the Illustration/Caricature feild over 22 years. I also great joy and thrill out of seeing other succeed!

More than one art to critique
Packages for teaching:
 1) Critique Package ($40 First piece, $75 for Two pieces and $100 for Three pieces) More than one art to critique If you live far away and have work that you would like for me too critique this is a easy and cheap alternative! All you have to do is send the artwork by uploading on my quote request page. Please tell me what kind of help you would like . What you will receive is a 10-20 video critique where I will go on top of your work and give you pointers on how to improve your work. (make sure to send work you admire or/and your portfolio so I know what your experience level is like) Please allow me to get the critique back to you in a 2 day around time (it might be quicker depending if you have a deadline, just let me know). I will be making a DrobBox file with your name on it, and I will send instruction on how to open it. I will be uploading written, and visual videos on that Dropbox file. If there is more than one piece you want criticized you will receive discounts!
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