Monday, September 3, 2012

"Sip and Draw" at the Hair Jungle

"Sip And Draw" with Artist Lars-Erik Robinson
 at the Hair Jungle in Largo Florida!
Reserve by Paying the non-refundable amount of $69 for a one hour class

There is all different ways to learn how to draw! I thought  a gathering where we could just "Sip and Draw" in an environment like at the "Hair Jungle" in Largo Florida is a great way to refresh our self for the week to come! Classes would take place on every first Monday evening from 7-8ish of each month, and there is a 8 people minimum where you can sign up by calling me at 727-422-0668 or email  Bring materials of your choosing to draw each other in either Portraits or/and Caricatures, figurative, still life, plain aire painting, 3d anything goes. You will be able to enjoy a beverage of your choosing, (Bring Your Own Liquor) wine, soda, water, cheese, appetizers available! I will be providing helpful critiques and will also be create along with you! (There will be models at some events) Sign up today and once we receive a minimum of 8 guest you will be contacted with location and requirements in writing Thank You!
If there are any questions just fill out the quote request page and tell me what type of level you would like to be taught in:

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