Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ports of Call of 2008 "Knot All Here 2"

This job was one of my first serious full color tee-shirt design. My client was Jim Stroh of a company called "proggex" and they help organize projects for clients, including my own college of Ringling school of art & design! My client was very pleased with teh project and I met all my deadlines with a day to spare (pating my self on the back). I intetially left some of the under sketch in Jim and his boat, to give them a contrast against the other sea creatures holding the signs.

Dragon Fly Ultra light plane

This mural airbrush job was really inspirational and Pete said he is taking me up in his plane! It was tough at the time because I was going through an illness in my eye called "Iritis" but every thing worked out great in the end and finished the project prior to deadline!