Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Traditional post card mailing

I got a lot of new contact address as of late, so why not do some traditional mailings for #marketing of my new #theworkbook site http://www.workbook.com/portfolios/lars_erik_robinson, let me know if you want one. 

Reno Caricature Convention 2014 let down!

I usually love and look forward to the ISCA convention coming up in a few weeks http://www.caricature.org and I have been a member since 1998. Unfortunately I have invested a lot of my funds into marketing my Illustration on work book http://www.workbook.com/portfolios/lars_erik_robinson and have other major deadlines to finish before the end of the year! I will miss everyone, but to be totally fair I am not totally thrilled over the guest artist we are having this year. I do not want to name names, because I personally love both artist work, but both of them do not want to be known as Caricature artist and do they are now known for large portraits gallery work and the other has won awards for animation work! After all it is a Caricature convention and it should have practicing Caricature type artist? There are other  issues with "the who you know" and "what kind of clicks" do you belong to with in the group. There are favoritism in the voting process to get any type of awards. Just my point of view, but I am looking forward to find out where it will be next year, because from now on I am going into the event with a mind set of not trying to get any awards and just have fun from now on! The organization is a great group to learn, network, party and socialize with and I hope everyone has fun at this years International Society of Caricature Artist 2014 Reno convention! Read more on this post! http://larserarts.blogspot.com/2013/11/my-emotional-ride-at-isca-convention.html