Sunday, October 20, 2013

Atlanta and Las Vegas trip 2013

Here are some photos taken while on trips to Atlanta for DST #custcomm drawing Caricature by their booth as a traffic builder. A big Thank You goes out my great agents: Tammi and tad Barney with the-nose here are shots from Atlanta. Here is a Testimonial I received on my LinkedIn Page from one of the sales people:
"Lars is requested again and again as the conference caricature artist for DST. Not only is Lars an extremely talented artist, he makes it a point to understand our business and the target audience at our trade shows and has contributed to the success of our company marketing efforts. Lars possesses a friendly, outgoing and enthusiastic personality. He is passionate about his work and delighting his clients! Thank you, Lars!"

Now the next following week I went to Las Vegas for the same client, here is Vegas baby

Sacred Heart Fall feat 2013

I think it is great to work at the place a decade, And to starting to have repeat customers with new kids, and just getting drawn again. Thank you Tony and Brant Horgan for letting me help raise money for the kids school at Sacred Heart fall and spring festival. I am real tired have a great night.

Avila Sportstacular event

Tonight was so humid and still very got at this years Avillas Country Club Sportstacular. A big thank you goes out to Stephen Lombardo with Fritzy Brothers Inc.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Senior Night Caricature

I am so lucky to have great repeat customers like Stephen Dudley with St Pete Catholic High School (former Candelbury HS) I was asked this time to do 11 kids on one page, so I did each one seperate on 11-17 paper in non repoblue and ink. then I scanned them in photoshop and arranged them. I then added a %20 sepia tone, darker values and then the final high lights! I gotta run going to Atlanta to work for a long time client for DST Output drawing Caricature by their booth "Traffic Builder" See Ya and enjoy the art.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Retirement Gift Caricature

It was really fun to render this gift Caricature illustration. I am not totally sure if I like the light green grass and will get back into that with some more earth tones. I have a 11 people Caricature that I am now working on for St Pete Catholic High  School, but first I have a #PascoPetFestival to attend in the morning so I better try to go back to bed! Comments are always welcomed on my blog!

I got some great feed back from my client on this job:
"Details of the Recommendation: "I cannot state in strong enough terms the pleasure I had in working with Lars. I was in search of a local artist who I could commission to create a custom caricature for a associates retirement and was blessed to be put in contact with Lars. The work was beautiful and expertly done. Our friend was moved to tears and later said of all the gifts he had received that ours was the most touching and the one he would most cherish."
Service Category: Custom Portrait
Year first hired: 2013
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative"

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

ARTofficial Intelligence II: The Second Annual St. Pete ROBOT EXCHANGE

I was able to last minute make a piece to put in this show in downtown St Pete on the 600 block. It was held at the Saki Bomb where they also have Wednesday night artist gatherings. Here is my work "Robots can be saved as well" that I put in the show and check out this Facebook Page to see more of the great art!
Scripture: John 3:16
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
"Yeah this might be controversial for fellow christians as well, because robots are machines and do not have feelings or a soul! In my fine-art piece I believe I am trying to make more of a Sci-Fy Fantasy view. I believe as children of God he loves us, and what ever we build and create he will love it. God as given me the power to create and the reason I created the character morbid and strange is because that is what I feel about my self sometimes! Jesus died for Wretch like me!
The writting in the cross says:
"My Jesus Died 4 US Take away our SINS even a wretch like you and ME! 

At one point while I was there I really missed my family so I left earlier, besides that type of environment is getting a little wierd for me!  
The piece is being sold for $425 at the Saki Bomb bar and Gallery in Stpete, and the open after 5pm or contact Jason Bromley  (301) 526-1970