Friday, April 18, 2008

roots of evil crime

This was an old sketch I had from 1992, soo I scanned it in photoshop, and played around! Should I add some color? I was trying  to show what crime is by it's sinful nature!

Evening of animal scetches and more

I had some fun one evening fron 10-1 A.M. on wednesday night 4-16-08! I felt it would be refreshing to go back to my roots and draw less Pen & Ink lines, and more pencil and pastel Enjoy!


Cassies Sweet 16th birthday Party

Here are some comments from my client:Subject: Cassie’s Sweet 16 –

Hello Lars:

We hope you are doing well and very busy this spring.

Lars, we wanted to express our appreciation for all that you did to make Cassie’s Sweet 16th Birthday Party, more of a success then she could have ever dreamed.

Where do we begin to thank you? The personalized placemat far exceeded anything we could have imagined. It was a true work of art and captured the essence of Cassie. We are having one framed as we speak – it will become a family heirloom. The moment the young girls and guys sat day they were all engaged with the placemat, having fun, laughing and admiring each others additions to your artwork.

Then you blew us away with your caricature skills and personality – you lit up the room, keeping everyone entertained with your high-energy spirit. Your personality helped to keep the party lively and fun. Time after time, the kids would come up to us to show off your work and comment about your style – they loved what you did.

Lars, as you can tell, we could not have been happier with your work. A young girl only has one sweet 16 party – and usually they remember the party for all their lives. It has been over a month since the party and we have reminisced about it every day since. Believe me; you have created a lasting memory for Cassie, her friends and certainly our family.

We wish you continued success with your artwork and look forward to the next time you share your skills with us.

Best regards,

Thomas & Janet Wilkinson