Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mugs-N-Jugs on 7-7-09

I really enjoy my Tuesdays at Mugs-N-Jugs on every first, Third, and fifth Tuesdays.

Through Jesus he Saves anyone!

Here is an old sketch that I found from 1992, and I notice it had a lot of meaning. it was originally done with a red pen, soo I scanned it in and tweeked it a little. I would like to color it but I would like to det some input form my friends and colleges?

How to understand the Bible

I really  never told you all how much Jesus, Holy spirit and God has changed my life in every thing I do!  I became overwhealmed with sorrow and joy all at the same time in 1999 while I was at a bible study at St Anne of Grace episcalpalian church in Seminole Florida where my son was babtised. I just layed down in front of the church with my arms spread out and  I know this sounds crazy but god spoked to me through the holy spirit, because I became under the understanding of what perfect sacrifice god has giving me , with the cross of pontus pilate of Jesus Crist!

I now go to Grace Christan Fellowship and I am soo in happy to have such a great fellowship with my brothers and sisters !

Here is breakdown of  some of my notes from Pastor Randy, on how to understand the bible a little more. (If you are not saved or don't have need to know our one and only god more, it will be impossible to understand this prcious book!)

1)Is there  any Doctrine for me to learn from?

2) Is there any Lessons for me to learn from?

3)Are there any Examples in what I am reading?

4) Are there any Prayers for to use?


6) What does this passage reveal about God's Heart?

7) Is there any Promise's for me ?

8) How am I to Respond to what is written?

9) How will I Understand, love people around me?

10) Rejoice!

11) Is there any sign's for steps in the Right direction?

12) Going through something in life, and Remembering a Verse! 

13) The bible is Interesting, and Amazing!!!!

I am soo blessed to have the grace of god , because I am a mess and I have sinned soo much, but through the understanding that my body is his temple I don't have the  will to  destroy his kingdom! Lord Thank You for letting me share my testimony with any one that wants to hear  us!

 I also feel it my gift from god to create art , cook,  socialize, spend time with my wife, sons and family is all because of his Grace!