Monday, February 27, 2012

Post card of Keith Richard anyone

I am just received some post cards in the mail, if you would like one just email me your address and I will send you one! I do have print specials coming up soon just let me know the size you want and I can give you a price!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Grace Christian fellowship 02-12-12

Lars The Catering Chef

Yesterday I got a new position, as a Catering Chef at Freedom Square, I am thrilled, and will have off weekends %95 of the time! 9.30-5pm. I will still be working cooking on off time basis if needed in the inn, I will miss my crew, but I will be around. I will able to be more creative, get more exercise, mingle with people, and use my artistic skills! Here is the article from the Job switch! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rodney Pike and his Depression

Happy Valentines Day! Lets show how we can support each other during trying times! A fellow Artist in need of LOVE and SUPPORT!

Read more of what I said On :Rodney Pike and his Depression and here is a link to his post: DEPRESSION

Here is what his wife said:

Hello Friends and fans of Rodney Pike. I am his wife, Lydia. I wanted to take a minute to thank all of you for your kindness and support of Rodney over the past year or so. I don't know if you all know it but Rodney suffers from severe anxiety and depression and until he stumbled up Freaking News recently, he had lost all hope of ever finding something he could do and feel good about, subsequently leaving him on disability. Since that time, he has done all these awesome images you've seen here and in his gallery. Rodney credits his art as having "saved his life." His passion for what he does and so many new friends and fans who look forward to the next caricature, gave him something to get up for everyday.

Of course none of what you see in his gallery can be sold. They are only practice work and studies of technique. He can not sell it if he does not own the copyright on the original image. There are some that he has done for customers for in-kind trades or pro-bono for people who have helped him is extraordinary ways to publicize himself or have given him guidance along the way. There are some real commissions which he has been able to get money for - always a good thing and certainly helps pay for all the technology behind the work. It is Rodney's dream that his work becomes so well known and sought after that he is able to make a living off of it and completely replace his disability income and health insurance. We all know that with time, this is entirely possible because his work is unique and extraordinary in so many ways. There is nothing like it out there. 

Unfortunately, friends, Rodney's dream may not come to pass. In fact, it is possible that you may not see anything new from Rodney for some time, if ever. Not that he does not want to. If anyone out there is familiar with Depression at any level, you know that when you get 'kicked in the stomach" or someone continually attacks you emotionally, you loose the desire to do even those things that brought you joy. Rodney has been and is under constant emotional attack by his ex-wife. She has turned both of his children against him and despite our having provided much more support than the court would have required over the years, she continues to try to squeeze more and more money out of him. She knows that we do not have much and certainly have nothing to spare. But now, using his art social media and his blog against him, she noted he posted that he got some 'commissions' and she has accused him of being 'under employed' and wants more money.

Consequently, just the anticipation of yet another ugly court battle with that woman has Rodney emotionally paralyzed. Those who wonder why you have not heard from him, he is thinking of you all and speaks of you all, He wants to 'Hang out" but can't bring himself out of this melancholy state and he can not see beyond the doldrums. Needless to say he is artistically muted as well. It is all he can do to post previous work and maintain a slight presence on Google+, his blog and facebook. What this woman does not realize (or perhaps she does) is that in her attempts to get any extra money he may have the ability to make, she is effectively rendering him unable to do anything and he is ready to throw in the towel. She will benefit nothing, unless her goal is to destroy him completely. 

Please be patient as Rodney works through this. Know that your words of encouragement and your continued support are being heard and appreciated. Let's keep lifting him and encouraging in his art. The world needs humor. The world needs laughter. The world needs the unique art style of Rodney Pike. Let's keep reminding him of that.

With kindest regards and sincerity,

Lydia C. Pike

Here is my comment:

"Dear Rodney Pike
I feel so much for your pain and depression. To be honest I knew you had a disability about the way you make your work, but thought it was something with you hands!
Today is Valentines day, and I hope you understand you are loved by so many!
In my personal relations with my Jesus, God puts me thru challenges in life just to test us and that we always need to glorify him, because of what he has done for us by sacrificing
his only son in trade of washing away our sins totally white and clean! I personally receive a real happiness in life to create my work and make a difference in someone's life,
and your doing the same thing! So bottom line is I will be praying for you to be able to kick the depression and realize there is alot of people here for you and that God is willing
to give you that light at the end of the tunnel we all need! Jesus is coming back to put everything straight, so stay on your path and he will show us the way!
Now this is my personal views of how I noticed a purpose in my life and if others are reading this please do understand I mean no harm! Thank You Lydia for sharing!"

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Live Caricatures at Pier 60

Here are some of the guests I drew at the Sunset festival on Clearwater Beach.The 4 family in color lives close to Palmetto and the father is a major leage player for the Phillies.
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Keith ritchard underpainting progress

I have not shared anything in a while. This painting will be mostly red tones for a new bar and grill to be called Red star. On my way to my sons Soccer game. God is Great!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Keith Ritchard Transfer question for artist

I have a question for all my artist friends, I really liked how my sketch on Keith Richard came out and now I want to tranfer it to my 24-26" size canvas. I know I can use white glue, mud pod, acrylic. This photo attached is not flipped horizontal, but they had a line down the middle so I got it free. The painting is for a new bar and grill to be called Red Star in Tampa Florida.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Progress on Mike

I am having a really hard time capturing his left eye. I had to restart about times.

Here is the final Underpainting of mike just in case you wanted to see it before I am covering it all up! :)
Before adding high lights or building the Form more:
Lars-Erik Robinson

New Cards From Vista Print

I like using vista Print reasonable prices. Have a Great Day everyone!