Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Testimoni on how I became saved and Jack & Jill

Here is a painting I am working of my two dogs Jack & Jill.
I am thinking of taking a Class with Thomas Fluharty on Schoolism.com. I screwed up and signed up and didn't talk with my wife. I will do it soon, but in the meanwhile maybe some one can help give me some advise for my portfolio, should I consider taking the Stephen Silver Character design course, or The oil Painting course with Tom?

I lived in Sweden and became involved in everything Hip-Hop culture offered and at first everything was positive in my youthful eyes! I used all types of drugs, and drank alot, and pornography was and still is a struggle! I eventually moved to the Floria USA; after being arrested for vandalism with Graffiti art. I always knew there was something peaceful over looking me, but while I was drunk at a party at Ringling College of Art & Design  one of my Christian Friends and great artist Tim McKenna came to my rescue, and gave me ride home. It took me until the birth of my son Sean in 1999 and I attended a bible study at St Anne of Grace in Seminole, Fl. I ended up on the ground and I know it sounds crazy, but a star in the sky was talking to me and became brighter! I had an overwhelming Sadness and at the same time an encouraging truth that God=Jesus died for my sins! I am soo greatful every day for his awesomeness!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Jason Seiler Observation Points by Kerim (Aka: jerkyturk

I wanted to keep a record of these points observed in my Class with Jason Seiler on Schoolism.com. This was written by Kerim (Aka: jerkyturk) Thank You for making these notes Jerky Turk!

Here is a link to slide show of my work I did on Jason Seilers Class:

"I was looking through all my class notes the other day and realized how much stuff we all actually learned in this caricature class and how its almost impossible to remember all of it now that we're almost at the end... so i start...ed compiling a list of all of the valuable things Jason has told us, to have on my desk to refer to from time to time and to keep me from having to watch all of the video lessons and critiques to refresh me on what we had learned in previous weeks...

hope that made sense :)

anyways... also, please, keep this list for yourselves (or ask Jason's permission before distributing to others) to respect all of the work Schoolism and Jason have done to help us all improve as artists.

other than that, jason, i hope i did you justice... and for the rest of you, enjoy!

good luck with your final assignments!



words of wisdom from jason seiler
(gathered from all schoolism lessons and various student critiques)

humble yourself

find the true character of the person

keep it simple

look for simple shapes and size relationships between features

eyes and mouth, then head shape most important

think in terms of inner face and outer face

simplify the weight, where is it?

exaggeration: for every action, theres reaction

compare faces side-by-side to point out differences between people

when sketching: start light and thin, think shape and structure

when darkening lines, dont trace. use as guidelines and improve
upon whats underneath

caricature drawing = study of person's true character

exaggerate the truth by pushing the features

get the placement and general shape

don't settle for a weak drawing

perfect practice makes perfect

flip drawing and reference upsdide-down or sideways to turn off left

sketching = adjusting

step back to get a fresh look. zoom out to not get caught up in the

squint your eyes to help simplify

what makes person unique and interesting?

what stands out and why?

tell the story

be encouraged, don't give up

don't distort, exaggerate

thumbnail sketching: give yourself choices, possibilities

look at face. what comes out furthest, what goes in, what's narrower,

where is the widest point, thinnest?

find the triangles

focus on placement of features, not details

exaggeration: everything must follow - its the combination of

features relating to each other

likeness is king

width and weight: find the shape of head

pay attention to angles

look away from person. draw the impression of person

follow the form, exaggeration must follow

keep going. start sketching. start over!

think about planes of face, contours of face

sketching = adjustment & problem solving

for beginner: study portraiture before caricature

do thumbnails

develop yourself as an artist - sketch, think, learn, draw, paint, see

hair: get the main shapes first. slow down

don't do one drawing. explore and sketch lots of thumbnails

don't exaggerate one feature but all features working together

doing thumbnails are like taking notes

when doing thumbnails, think in animation drawing style

value painting: start with 4-5 values only and move towards more
complex later

what is the reason for what youre drawing?

try to capture the essence of person

what is a caricature to you? strong caricature, strong likeness,

hair: try to paint it in, dont use speckling

paint with feeling

think cartoon first

what pops out the most?

thumbnail = plan of what could be. possibilities

shape = placement of features

caricature = character, structure, likeness, exaggeration, humor,

don't get caught up on things that dont matter

pay attention to shapes in between. negative space

eyes: capture the shape of whites of eyes

think in planes/angles

exaggerate and push but still think about anatomy

process: start light. block in general shape. placement. build up.

slow down. spend more time on the eyes, mouth, nose and head

shapes - width, weight, depth, contour lines

what is the most important thing? whats next?

where is the humor?

humor? you mean humor 'haha' or funny like a clown humor?

umm hello... are you listening to me?

am i talking too much?

do you think i could sell this list on ebay and make money behind
jason seiler's back?

does reading this list make me look fat?

do you think drinking 6 cups of coffee a day is bad for your sense of

anyways... jokes aside, i hope making this list was helpful to all of
you. but most importantly, don't forget to thank jason for sharing his
wealth of knowledge with us. thanks jason!

peace out
kerim (aka. jerkyturk)"

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lars and Santa 2011 Great Bay Distributors

Merry Christmas To everyone! Book your Santa Today with LarsER Arts &  Entertainment!

Gift Caricature of Chef Jeff and Debbie

I had fun doing this Caricature. My wife said to be careful on how I do some of the special request, and if not pointed out would not notice ( the booner and nipples hard LOL) I included the references I used and also the first traditional Black & white line Drawing, and the coloring is done digitally.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sample of my Constant Contact December Newsletter

Bumper sticker of a mexican immigrant

I received a interesting project to create a bumper sticker for a client that wanted to show how a mexican was trying to go green and cross the border. Here are some of the steps I went thru to finally get to the point he wanted. This was a very difficult client and he kept changing his mind, but it was a big learning process and I made it thru!




Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Andy Serkis

I thought it would be appropriate to show you my step-by-step with painting my Andy Serkis. 
I have been struggling with finding my style with the involving the new digital medium in photoshop. I really like to sketch right with pencil first, pen and Ink, water color, gouache, and then digital. Now I know the step of Pen and Ink is a step that is now needed for tighter work with less lines because everything will be painted over! I hope you like that I share my progress in this painting. Every week on Caricaturama Showdown we 3000+ artist all pick the same famous person and Caricaturize our own interpretation, and here is mine! 

I hope everyone as a really great Thanks giving holiday and I pray everyone realizes the real meaning of christmas and it doesn't get barried under all the stress of the shopping etc.! Leave comments I love to fellowship! Peace

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Random future reference from life

I always like to find items in everyday life that catch my creative attention and I can see how those everyday objects, and people can be used in my art. I am planning on changing up my portfolio with more Food Illustrations, character design, and some fine-art conseptual work. There are photos attached, and look for them in my upcoming work. Have a great night.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Conan The Barbarian

I just thought it would be fun to play with my Gouache paints tonight while watching the 2011 Conan the Barbarian. I always seem to over due the yellows! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and hope to hear from anyone soon, because I always like to hear feed back.

Happy Thanksgiving at Freedom Square

Happy Thanks giving here are some pictures of our Turkey and table setups at Freedom Square. Have a great gooble gooble day!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Drawings of Lars E.R. at Isca Convention 2011

In this post are the drawings done of me, at the convention. I will also scan these pictures in soo I can post them on my website. In the meanwhile here they are for you to enjoy.


Nathan Did this one of me he knows I am crazy ) he doesn't know why he stuck someone behind me I think she keeped following me all the time soo he had her leaching on to me !) 100_1248
Jimmy from Orlando Fl. was the one that did a normal one of me...classic!100_1249
Now Jert got the award for best Caricature for this one of me... maybe I was painting alot (I hope) Jert is a very awsome artist!
My first iPad Caricature...cool!100_1252
Lee Jackson did a couple and I was one of them , Thanks LEE100_1253
Paul from Sweden works as an artist for the Afternoon Blaget! I was soo happy to met a fellow artist and friend from my home country!100_1254_3 100_1255
Now Sran Gardner spotted my personalty, and with all my chatting (you all know I start talking crazy when I am tired) LOL
100_1256 100_1258
Matt zitman drew this kind of freaky picture of me. I took it as if I was having to many post on twitter, so I closed down my Sendible account (programable tweets) for awhile, all because of this picture. (I have mixed feeling for this one, but I will get him back next year!100_1259
This one was done of one of the Masters (I don't remember the name please help me with that one thanks) This totally captures me and totally love it! 100_1260
Eve myles from Canada, had a whole under water them, and was included! Rock on100_1262
Beast draw me serving some sloop. he read on my face book that I am also a chef for a assistant living facility
there will be more on my http://www.larserarts.com/blog