Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Super Family Fun Day

It is nice to have repeat customers! I just received a confirmation on an event for Tampa bay jewish event! God is great, now back you my current Illustration Project!
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Weekly Meals pre-made by Chef/Artist Lars

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Matt Damon Sketch and Final

Hello Again ,
Like a said before, when I first saw that the Caricaturama showdown 3000 competition on Facebook was having Matt Damon as the featured caricature subject, I could not resist! I did the sketch in my water color Moleskin sketch book, and then while I was at my retail booth at Pier 60, Clearwater beach I had the opportunity to add some color to the sketch. I used Gouache and I really like that I can have it waterdown in washes but it is tricky because it tends to really want to be opaque and flat! I am pleased with it. I think the medium requeres less of an absorbent surface, does anyone know of any papers or boards to use with gouache?
I did not use any photoshop on it and I might in the future on changes, because for a while I did not have any of my Power PC (later programs in Mac). I am now recently acquired the brand new CS6 full suite, and Office 2011! Have a great day 


Sunday, August 5, 2012

85th birthday Caricature sketch

Having some fun inking in a sketch for Aunt Nellie from Bell Buckle. The next step is the water coloring. More to come

Friday, August 3, 2012

Mixed emotions about this years ISCA convention

For the first year I am having some really mixed emotions about seeing some of the other fellow artist at the International Society of Caricature Artist. Some of the newer Caricature artist drew me really mean but with raw truth, so I can not blame them because it is the truth! I have a problem sometimes being too social (to a point of being annoying), and I need to learn to focus on the goal, and be less social. There is a saying "sometimes less is more" and "not everyone is going to like you"! The people that drew me at last years convention. in St Petersburg Fl,  are very talented and I commend them for bringing this truth to the surface! It did not help me to invite one of them to be a roommate at the convention, and received a really hash reality slap message. I have never before cared about what other people think of me, and usually people that know me, that I am strange (and I am proud of it)! There is a difference at these conventions because we are all looked at a strange and creative in the real outside world, and I believe this is a type bullying within a society. I used to feel very comfortable in this environment, and hope it will not be so different but it is! This whole situation almost gives me a feeling of not going, but I have decided to reverse it and face the challenge and learn to draw. I also might just ignor everyone and just focus on learning, network (with whom ever talks to me) and try to win some prizes! I am going to use this feeling to add to the creative fuel at this years Convention! Try to love your enemy!

I just pray to god to give me peace and help me know the real reason for on this earth! A really good friend and very talented artist told me this: "But Jesus told us to love our enemies and this is just an example, Take it on the chin and love them like Jesus does. Your actions speak louder than any spoken Gospel message! I live my faith out that way." I feel better already just writing this down! Great work artist, just wait I am getting even, let the past be the past :)
I will see you all in San Antonio Texas, in November