Friday, July 31, 2015

Mount Rushmoor part 2

I was asked to replace some of the presidents in mount rushmor, with Hilary Clinton and Jeb Bush. My client is using the art for t-shirts and website.

Boy behind the red door

Today I got a last minute job for  an e-book #Illustration in rough #sketch style and will share more soon! Here is project discription: 
  1. Elijah is the boy's name, inside a well used, old and decrepit library on a search for his missing grandparents. The librarian, Ms. Luci, is trying to prevent Elijah from entering a special room in the library that has a red, crimson eye catching color door. A chase begins when Elijah rips away from Ms. Luci. Elijah runs, opens the red door, runs through the red door and a bright light shines out of the door.
  2. We are keeping Elijah as a young, boy, 5-7, slightly short, slightly chubby, red freckle cheeks, orangish hair, godzilla t-shirt, innocent, inquisitive, not-wealthy, wearing green worn shorts, worn black high top shoes and little white socks showing going up above his ankles scrunched ... I guess almost like the catcher on the Sandlot movie ;)- Ha, just thought about that.
  3. Feel free to be creative and flexible with it, but we are just aiming at simple image with no background. Merely open red door with him almost through the red door, with merely his slight backside showing and a leg up in the air showing that he's on the run through the open red door.
  4. It's to be an image pasted onto the front cover, expandable and contractable for us to move around and place.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wedding Caricature in Studio

I just can not seem to get a hang of the right technique to do the pen and ink and colored digitally for a Caricature Illustration commission. I start sketching in sketch book pro, take the rough drawing into Magna Studios for inking and then finally into photoshop for coloring. I do not mind the low budget type funded work but for some reason this week I had some difficulty trying to get it where I liked the Caricature in a speedy. It was done in a couple of hours, where as I could have done it in like 20 minutes traditionally, but I believe it would not look as clean as it is now. I think when I get the pen and ink work I am doing it traditionally and then scanning in for color, it just feels better! I also working on Golf T-shirts and shared a technique inking in Magna studios. What do you all think does it look clean and dynamic enough?