Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valet Waste meeting moral boosting with LarsERArts!

I just wanted to first Thank my agent Tammi (and yes my great friend Tad Barney) with the-nose for continuing to help promote me and my business! Check out my Page on there site, and I also sometimes receive studio jobs with them as well!
I did a job for them the day before my birthday on Monday, January 28th 2013, for a Valet Waste company meeting. I am hoping to receive pictures from the event. Here is a great testimonial I received from them.
Ps. Everytime I ask clients I work for thru agents I hardly never receive a feed back so that was very nice to receive.
God is great!
See ya later aligator!
Lars-Erik Robinson was absolutely phenomenal!  Everyone loved having him here and was an absolute delight to work with him.  It was like he was a part of our team and the meeting.

He was so beyond worth the money spent and his work is outstanding!

Thank you!

Laura Heintz
Executive Assistant  

Sunday, January 27, 2013

FREE Demo on Caricature Class with Lars

I wanted to ask you for your help, I am trying to spread the word about my new Caricature class that I am putting on. Teaching is something I have a real passion for, so even if you don't live in my area please share for me on your social media pages! On this Monday on January 28th at 7pm at Largo Community Center, I will be putting on a Free Demonstration on how I will be teaching my  advanced Caricature Class. There will be free Coffee and Cookies available, So please try to come to Largo Community Center. 400 Alternate Keene Road in Largo Fl 33774. You will be able to sign up and pay that night, but please spread the word for me, it would be a great pre-42 year old birthday gift for me to see a big turn out! 
Thank You all so much and God bless!

Ps. Does anyone want to help me video record, or make a pod cast this Monday night, please let me know if you could help, Thank you!
To read more about my Class read my blog:

Lars-Erik Robinson
, Caricaturist, Portraits, Entertainment

Tel: (727) 422-0668


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Just finished with Regular work, cleaning house, feeding finaly back to my projects

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Magic Suzy Coloring Page

I got a quick job to make a coloring page for  a fellow entertainer Magic Suzy and her husband Joshua Seth. I might be simple but still fun to help other fellow artist!

Here is a testimonial I received from them today: 
"Lars was able to take a promotional photo of me and turn it into a fun b&w line drawing. He was easy to work with and even did a requested revision without complaint. What a pro!"
And Suzy's:
Joshua Seth 800-270-0430
Psychological Illusionist
America's Best Campus Artists nominee for 2012 "Best Male Artist"
Star of the Award Winning Shows "Beyond Belief" and "HypnoMental"
"A High Energy, One-Of-A-Kind Show"- Campus Activities Magazine
"Amazingly Captivating" - American Entertainment Magazine

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Artistry in Motion: An Urban Art Show

Dear friends, last night I had a really great night supporting the local Hip-Hop culture! There was a small business supplier of graffiti stray cans That put on a local Urban Art Expo. When I heard that I just had to break (yeah I did a little Break Dancing :)) away from my studio and show these local St Pete Artist how it gets done :) I drew some Caricatures, Old school Breakin' and some Graffiti. Gotta Run Here are some photos and video from the event. Next one is February 2nd, 2013.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Camron Diaz

It is fun to paint Traditional in my 4-6" Moleskin water color sketch book. You can see more by other artist as well in Caricaturama Showdown 3000 on Facebook. Well good night and have fun everyone

Birds on the edge

This is being painted for the Friday Illustration and also for a Rare animal show in St Pete Florida in February 14th. Here is my first painting of two birds. I am planning on doing more animals for my portfolio.