Sunday, March 28, 2010

Robert Bauer President of I.S.C.A

This is President Robert Bauer I.S.C.A.
I am very proud of this organisation International Society of Caricature Artist (I.S.C.A) and I have been a member since 1988. We both went to Ringling School of Art & Design. Please comment if you are reading I really love to hear from anyone ! It is now 2 am and I have to get up at 8am!

Florida Challengers T-shirt design.

Client decided against this piece

Here is a concept line work for a t-shirt, that is going to be worn at this special kids baseball challenger Jamboree on May 2nd 2010 for Clearwater Little League. Me and my friend Tony Hernandez will be drawing Caricatures there from 10-5pm.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My associate pastor Heath soul patch

I was sitting at our Theoloy on Tap bible study on Wednesday night (Your piza shop in Largo, fl 9-10ish.) and saw Heath little patch and had to doodle it!

Sketch from memory of a great friend at work

I was just playin around and wasn't to concered with a likeness, just wanted to have some fun!~

sketches while at the Alice in Wonderland

I brought my recycled sketch book with me to the movie and a small clip light. Great experience and thought the movie was ok.

Monday, March 22, 2010

4 different views of a Caricature Face

I love the recycled paper and Thank You Fred Harper for reintroducing Gouach painting technique. I am hoping I can use this Illustration in my up coming Caricature Book. There is also an attachement ideas for different shapes of faces.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

ISCA Forum Discussion

Re: How to Exaggerate "Ordinary" Faces

I am trying to research this very discussion and I can use any ones help. I agree with glenn all his points and others. This publisher wanted me to come up with a formula that show first the reference with then a tracing paper over lay ,or a the sheet under lay (live caricatures), or layers in digital. Then the Illustrations on top of the reference will show each step in the drawing process are first rendered in maybe just the angels or the out lines showing the pushing of the exegeration. I told the editor the only way I could trian this technique would do be to understanding that any artist really needs to understand the anatomy of the facial or body construction, prior to really being able to Caricaturize or exergerate. I am a big believer that any artist if they want a believable Caricature should really know how to do realistic portraits first.
Please check out my Lars Blog ( for more info on this upcoming book to be called (working title) The Fail-Safe Caricature Bible.

Thank You all for your suggestions and I am looking forward to discussing this subject!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Failsafe Caricature steps

Here is an example of the fail safe technique my agent wanted me to look in to. This is showing a step - by step technique of the order in which each part of the person (Or object) is drawn. Each 14 steps can be shown in a different color and can be related to a number which shows the steps of creating a Caricature or even realistic portraits. Prior to this step there will be an under laying quick gesture of the shapes exaggerated from the original portrait! Fourteen steps for making a Caricature (or Portrait) has to always be taken in to consideration of what type of mood, personality, or story the artist is trying convey! The drawing included in just a straight on view and sometimes gives the art boring and non interesting Caricature. You should always think of how the difference of frontal, side, birds, frog, or three quarter views can change the feel of the art! I always feel the artist should focus on really capturing the eyes, because in the eyes is where you can read the personality and it's soul! Second I think is the models body pose, which also helps Illustrate the person (or objects) personality.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fail-Safe Caricature Bible synopsis

I thought I would share my progress on this art technique caricature book, please comment, or let me know what I should do to improve it! If you want to help with references and comments in the book I will give a link in the book to your contact info and there will be a budget for show casing your work in the book. In fact there is 25% allocated to other guest artist or vendors etc. Tnhank you for helping make this a successful book!

Failsafe Caricature Bible

Author: Lars-Erik Robinson

Ready-to-draw caricatures and step-by-step Exaggeration techniques

This practical guide will give the beginning artist who might think Caricaturing is something to be of a very highly advanced and complex task to take on a much easier approach through a simple formula to learn from! Even the most professional artist will be able to utilize this failsafe technique to better understand how to Caricaturize people, pets, animals, objects and in general how to push there boundaries in their craft even more!

You will learn how to draw with either a traditional or/and digital tracing layering technique. As a young artist I have learned how to draw by copying with the traditional tracing paper and over the years became an expert at this new technique! For beginners of the trade this failsafe technique will help them create an even more Caricaturized, exaggerative or further stretching of their main features. All along keeping in mind the models or objects personality, interest, and attitude! The artist will also be able to use the including visuals to better understand their shapes, planes, perspective and direction lines Illustrated on top of the reference. This will ultimately help place their art in a more believable, realistic, fantasy or cartoon type of environments of their choice!

The most important thing to remember is no matter what background or experience the reader might have, they will receive helpful demonstrations, visuals, and comments along with examples of Caricature Illustrations of every day ordinary people, to famous people in a live situation or a studio photo reference situation, and after mastering this failsafe technique will be shown even be more advanced rendering techniques. This book becomes a great essential tool for any artist how wants to evolve and improve there art!

S p e c I f I c a t I o n

Trimmed Page Size:

11”-8.50” (280mmx215mm)

Extent: 160 pages

Wire Bound

Printed four color through out

Words: Approx. 20,000 words

Illustrations: Over 300 images


Prelims: (5pp) • Using this Book: (2pp) • History of Caricaturing: (5pp)

Getting Started: 9pp) Anatomy: (8pp) • Fail safe Techniques: (110pp¶)

  • Realist Vs. Caricatured portraits
  • Live Caricature
  • Studio Caricature
  • Objects Caricaturized
  • Advanced Techniques

Showcase: (12pp) • Resources: (4pp) • Index and Credits: (5pp)

P R E L I M S (5pp)

U S I N G T H I S B O O K: (2pp)

  • Tools and Materials
  • Computer software
  • Finding sources of inspiration
  • How to read the formulas.

Chapter One / History of Caricaturing: (5pp)

  • History of the street and live History of tracing techniques Caricaturing.
  • The first editorial and studio caricaturing
  • History of the first art tracing and layering technique

Chapter Two / Getting Started: (9pp)

  • Setting up your work station and studio
  • Understanding why we need to know the true and realistic view of the subject, before you can Caricaturize.
  • How to look and understand the subject
  • Understanding the reason for the fail-safe technique.
  • How to use the techniques in your own art work.

Chapter Three / Anatomy:

  • Studies and demonstrations of the different parts of the true and realistic view of the subject, before you can Caricaturize. Building the knowledge of the subject to be illustrated.

Ø Portraits

Ø Eyes

Ø Noses

Ø Mouth

Ø Chin

Ø Ears

Ø Bodies

Ø Other subjects

  • How to look and understand the subject

Ø Shapes

Ø Sections

Ø Receding

Ø Directions

Chapter Four / Failsafe Technique and More: (110pp)

  • This part of the book is where we demonstrate the different ways that the traditional tracing and digitally Photoshop laying can be helpful with arrows and other information over the references and with the art on top showing the changes.

Ø Realist vs. Caricatured portraits

Ø Live Caricature

Ø Studio Caricature

Ø Objects Caricaturized

Ø Advanced Techniques

Chapter five / Show Case: (12pp)

· In this section we will demonstrate what has happened to my work and other guest artist using with this failsafe technique and along with some of other methods to achieve similar effects.

Ø Art work showcased and commented about in the traditional tracing method.

Ø Art work with the digitally layering method in Photoshop that is also showcased and commented on.

Ø We will contact other artist in the Caricature business to showcase there work and use this fail safe technique or other advanced ways in which there work is completed.

Ø Artist will also be asked to give us a short explanation or critique of how this technique has helped them, or even explain how they have come to there own conclusions on how to caricaturize even better through possible other methods!

Chapter Seven / Resources: (4pp)

  • Glossary
  • Links and international suppliers.
  • Other related organizations.

Index and credits: (5pp)

About the Author:

Lars-Erik Robinson is an experienced Caricaturist, Illustrator, Muralist, Fine-Artist, Graphic Designer, Chef, Teacher and a well known Artist Entertainer. He has several how-to videos on line with different techniques and demonstrations. Graduating from Ringling College of Art & Design in 1994 he has over the past 15 years built a strong client base with his company LarsE.R. Arts, “All Around Art-Tainment”. You can see his work in several books, publications and advertisements, and In addition to his high quality studio work, he has also perfected his roots as a live Caricature artist, with his show known as “The Art-Tainment Show”! This is a highly entertaining and creative show, which can be seen at any type of event or gathering of people. Lars is looking forward to advancing his teaching career and is planning on attending Graduate collage

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wifes B-day and later drew our Obama President

I have had a busy weekend, which started me off with on Saturday morning cooked breakfast for our men's Bibles study. Then I went to Freedom Square to chef from 10-5pm, and then I had to run of to the Tropical stadium for a volenteer event to draw Caricatures for a wine tasting and auction for the Abilities Foundation! Thank You again Frankie Delushia from Chi Chi rodrigas Golf academy! That next morning on Sunday me and my great and wonderful family was of to Grace Christian Fellowship for a really great day at church, with our verse by verse study in the book of Esther! Every first Sunday I am at the St Pete Pier from 1-4pm, which I felt this day was a very entertaining event! My wifes 41st. Birthday is also today and we had some great Steak, and fish! Later that evening I started Practicing President Obama to be featured in my synopsis for my "hopefully" new "How to draw Caricatures from a photo book" that I have been approuched by a publishing agent in the UK "Quatro". Please pray for me that I will find a way to pull this off and represent the Caricature artist community in the most accurate and educational way possible!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dave's Art with United Healthcare

I just finished This Caricature all in pencil and water color! I am proud of myself because I only had a day deadline, and I didn't use any pen & Ink or high lights in photoshop and I think it looks clean! Any opionions are welcomed my Blog friends and Face book? God is great for giving me work to provide for my family! I have to go rake my yard now, while my son and wife is at soccer practice!