Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New Self Portrait and other news!

I am sorry it has been awhile since I posted on my Lars Blog.
New things in the works, is that I will be having some new printing options with Marketing Orbit.
 I was picked out of a hat from their Facebook page, and won a free printed T-Shirt. So I decided to finish a self Portrait of my self to use on the back of the shirts I will be getting.
I had a great conversation with a very talented Master artist and friend that I really admire from Thomas Fluharty, and I loved how he not just help me realize that I had to study anatomy, but also gaave me an encouragement to not give up on finding my artist from with in and continued to pray with me! Here is a sample of his work!
I need to get back to feeding the puppies and straightening the house before the wife comes home so here is my latest self portrait of myself. I would love to hear feedback if the texture works, should I use this as my promo portrait or is it to fat :)
This one does not have any extra noise or Oil Paint texture
In this version I added to Noise and a Oil Painting filter in Photoshop CC.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sketchology - Sketching and Theology with LarsER and Co."

I do a lot of sketches while at bible studies for years and yes I do pay attention to the study and I am takes notes! So I thought why not make it into a Sketch/Theology book, with contributions from others? Ok I know that alot of my artist draw and doodle while in school and I would like to feature some of there point of views on this topic in the book as well Maybe I could call the book "Sketchology- Theology and Sketching with LarsER and Co., I started at Kick starter:
It would be great to get some feed back and maybe someone would like to contribute if you don't mind, Thanks!