Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Eagle Datagistics Large Employee Painting

This was an a big leap project for me to take on, because this time I recieved a bigger budget and was able to render this #painting with more a realistic approach to this #Illustration. I was originally approached a couple of years ago to go into the office and draw about 12 of the company employees. I explained to him to Chuck that I felt rushed last time and that I would rather try to have more time in my studio to painty the 14 employees in a layout of the office and see it over looking he gulf and the St Pete Pier. 
I was asked to come in for a photo shot with my painting and I made up some individual post cards to hand out as keep sakes

And then Here is the the final 30"-20" size 14 employees painting. I felt I could keep going but I had to find a end. The client was very satisfied, and that is what counts
I did a photo collage to help find references ideas.
Drew a #sketch to get a rough idea of how to proceed
From this sketch we had some changes and reordering
Once changes was approved I started adding values
The next step was to do a full value under painting to get ready for the color layer