Friday, May 27, 2011

Please Help Vote for Lars in London Art Show

Hello There Family, Friends, Co-worker, Clients Etc.

I have submitted some of my work for a "Art Takes London show" where I will have a chance to win $2500 just by getting votes on this site, and then by June 4th Judging for a show in London with a winning of $25000 is possible.
I am asking for a simple support by checking of your vote where the stars are!

Vote here (Click on Link and select the rating on the top of the page where the stars are) :  


Friday, May 20, 2011

Digital Artist Rodney Pike

Hello Rodney Pike 
I can't hold onto this question any more: I am from the traditional school and do alot more digital work lately . I like to see the brush strokes and drawing lines once and awhile. I consider your work to be very cool and exaggeration top notch. I then think to my self it is sad if it is all digital, is there anything drawn prior, sketching involved? I would really like to see a post on your blog of some of your traditional painted work Oils, Acrylic, Gouache, Pen  & Ink,  Water colors, pencils, and pastels. I Know you are making money and why mess with a good thing like a modern day collage artist! How long does it take you to do the digital work compared to more digital painted Illustrations. I messed around doing what you did just for reference for a final Illustration project.
I just hope you don't take me the wrong way I am just amazed that people spend hours trying to render something and then there are very talented people like you how do really cool work! No hard feelings just some advice from an artist to artist switch up and try to paint what you photo manipulate. I think it would be a cool change for you. Have a great Weekend! Peace!
Lars Erik Robinson
LarsER Arts "All Around Art-Tainment"
"Celebrating 15 years of Service"
Cell: 1-727-422-0668
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