Sunday, December 22, 2013

Read my testimonial

While I lived in Sweden in 1978-89, I got involved with the Hip-hop culture and it started as positive movement, but then instead of stealing paint we went for Cars, money, violence, vandalism, drugs you name it. I remember a friend got shot in the head from the back and I ran, remember asking someone to help me! Was in an abandon building getting high with friends, seeing nothing but darkness. I moved to Sweden to live my dad at the age of 18 years old and my mother had a breakdown and could not Handel me! I did not get any better until I was in college and a christian friend Tim Mckenna came and picked me up drunk from a party and told me Jesus would do the same thing and died for me to wash my sins away. I did not see this until 5 years later after a Bible study, it hit me while for some reason I was on the ground watching a star make SOS messages to me, at that point I realized that my God as always been there for me but I ignored him! I was suddenly overwealmed with sorrow but at the same time a peace and Joy that Gods only son Jesus Christ would sacrifice himself for me to have a clean slate! I still have problems to this day, but now I feel the need to be with other believers to help me, so I can spread the kingdom thru my gifts he has given me! I hope everyone has a great CHRISTmas and a happy new year! Peace!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Saddel brook Employee awards with Caricature by Lars

My client from the director of human resource center with Saddle Brook resorts and spa in Tampa, wanted three of the award winning employees to receive a Gift Caricature to help boost employee moral! These are 1/2-1 hour drawings that I had to put together really quick, but I also did not want them to look to rushed! I hope they like them and maybe I could get more live/studio gigs at the location, because It has been a long time since I worked out there! I will share more of how the employees liked the art!
I feel so blessed to have great clients and friends such as Sussann Walker that referred the job to me!


USF Health fundraising gift commission

I was called yesterday from a client with the part of the University of South Florida "USF" health fundraising department, and she wanted me to paint 12 employees all in one page. This is going to be given to their boss that is being promoted to another department, so they all wanted me to draw them together. It was such a last minute idea and not much time so I convinced her to let me come on location and draw some of the employees on location. It worked out great and I hope to let you all know what happens on Thursday when he will receive the art!
Well here is what I ended up doing a 16-20 inch illustration board with pen and ink, and water color.

Buying LarsER Art prints thru my facebook page

I found out a way to sell 5 of my most favorite art pieces with prints thru a new site called Please make sure to check to check out my cart on my Face book page as well  and you can click on the cart on the top of the page!

If I see it working out I might pay extra to have more images, but if you want a image that I have made and do not see it just email me and I will make it available for you!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Final art for music cover and sketches for Dogfish Boys band

I am thrilled to announce I have a final album cover Illustration for a new band named Dogfish Boys DFG  Here are the final plus some sketches to get to the final. I will share more once printed, Thank You for your comments. I always welcome comments to make the work be better!

You can now purchase the music and album at this link 

Tampa maid employee party

My company LarSER Arts and Antonio Hernandez drew Caricatures for #TampaMaid employee holiday party in Lakeland Florida today from 1-4pm. Good times, here are some of the sketches I did! 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Leaving a legacy Part1

Today I was at a men's fellowship we have at every third Thursday at Grace Christian Fellowship. On top of great food my wife made with Greek salad, grilled chicken (I helped with), yellow rice, brownies (by my mother in law) and we had a testimonial from our brother Alan Robson, and teaching from Kirk Blank about Preparing and Pondering for the Christmas Season!
We are approaching the crazy hectic holiday season, and it is really disgusting to me that alot of people forget the real reason for the holiday, the birth of Jesus Christ our savior!

Leaving a legacy, was a term that my brother Alan was talking about. He has alot of similar back grounds of his past like I do. It is nice to hear that I am not alone and that others have similar problems. When he grew up there was not much of a father figure in his life and when he mentioned a fire fighter that he became friends with, that was trying to instil a good christian life, he was once again tested when he tragically died in an automobile accident. He slipped from the lord with sin while hanging at the fire station.
How do I effect the environment I live in? Do I show the love of Jesus, to my enemies or friends? Most important I ask the question: "What kind of environment do I create for others?"
Matthew 5:14 ""You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden."
Some help to make me guide to be a Godly Man:
1) Prayer, to seek Gods will 2) Study the Bible, to seek direction 3) Fellowship with other Christians, to hold each other accountable.
Witness to others thru hope and Joy. Get out of you comfort zone (like when I went to the saki bomb for the Robot art show and made my "jesus loves Robots too" 

Patience, Prayer, Perseverance, is what you need when witnessing to others ~ Alan Robson 

We are always trying to prepare for visitors and the same is for the holidays! The are a few questions we should ask for the the preparing for the birth of our savior:

1) "What is your favorite part of Celebrating Christmas?"
2) "What thoughts do you imagine went thru Mary's mind as she tried to make sense of all she had experience and witnessed?"
3) "What are some ways you can ponder Jesus when you find he is not in your thoughts throughout the day?