Sunday, June 29, 2014

4 girls friends forever

I wish I was allotted more time to tweak this piece but budget sometimes does not allow it. I had fun with Illustrating Four friends that have been together since pre school and now are going to separate colleges. 

I would really like to hear any feed back on this piece, and I had a great time painting.

Ok I had to do a few minor changes, like a little less cleavage on the two middle girls, add dimples to the third girl, and darker hair on the far right girl. Received a testimonial: "A Picture I expect will bring a lifetime of memories! Thanks Lars!"

Here was the original painting prior to the changes above!

Yes this is my first more serious Illustration project on my new #eacom Cintiq Companion, and I loved working on it!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Kevin Dean RIP

It was a blessing to be able to create a memory for my History teacher Kevin Dean R.I.P, and was created on Campus while I set up my studio at the 20th/25 year reunion reception on June 13, 2014. Everyone signed around it and we gave it to his family.

I also drew some of the students returning and finding old friends from 25 ago!