Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Two different layouts for my Obama and BP cover

I am having a hard time deciding witch pose and layout looks the best and then I will sketch it up and paint it in photo shop. My assignment calls for figuring out a famous person or politician and getting his likeness and then put him in a situation. I have decided to have president Obama on the beach with him having to pull a bp sign out of the oil on the ground. He will have a very discussed or worried face and body pose. There will also be dead fish and oiled up birds around him. I don't usually do collages like this for my Ideas, but I really wanted visually make sure the lighting, enviroment and body works with the head before the next step of sketching it before my deadline on July 5th! CAN I PLEASE AHAVE SOME FEED BACK ON WHICH ONE WORKS BEST AND MAYBE WHAT I COULD DO IMPROVE IT THANK YOU!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dave Sidens Great Friend and Spray Can Artist

We always work right next to each other at the pier 60 he spray paints  and do the Caricatures. We also go to movies, coffee shops and draw together! I decided to sketch him Charcoal paper, really please with how it came out! I hope you all enjoy!

New updated Sketch of Obama

I decided to use this face of Obama for my Final Illustration on Schoolism. The article is file:///Users/lars/Desktop/schoolism%237/Barack%20Obama%20and%20the%20oil%20s whta I am basing my Illustration on or in the Rolling Stones Magazine I think this is the best one to base my Caricature Illustration from and maybe use the Rolling Stone logo with text etc.

Monday, June 21, 2010

schoolism assignment #7

Schoolism #7

I had a hard time on this assignment, and not to thrilled to draw Obama, but I knew It is necessary for my strength of my portfolio. I want to do more studies of Obama, especially the really grumpy look with him in the glasses. I decided to have him in a situation like maybe:
1) At the beach standing at the beach with a old greasy BP sign and his feet covered in oil. Maybe make him look really big with small people trying to tie him down. He could be in a beach chair and the view him could be in a frog view with his feet right us. or eagle view looking down at him?
2) Maybe illustrate him squeezing the BP logo and having Oil dripping out with Moneyflowing away?
3) A Very moody and and somber look at the catastrophy with a slight light on the side of Obamas Face and body from the reflexion from the explosion of the Oil rig being shown behind him. Having dead fish and other items in the water. and the other half a tourist sunny and joyful look of the beach.
Just a few of the ideas, to help me figure out which one you think would be an effective Illustration. I once again had a great time with the citizens, especially erica which I started in water color and then scanned in and touched up in photoshop. I getting more used to drawing in sketchbookpro with my Brach3/4.jpg.  Didn't realize I was going to have such an hard time capturing Obama, but I really like the surprised look of Obama in obamasketch4web.jpg.  look in , and the more great angles in Obamasketch3web.jpg.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hugo Scull study #3

Well here is my part 3 of my with Jason Seiler Scull study of a Caricature of Hugo!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bill for schoolism #6

Here is a study in pen & Ink of Bill with a value scull study. I believe this type of technique would be great for fantasy zombie work!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Robert for schoolism #6 scull studies

I am really pleased with this study of Roberts face and I tried mostly to have a good value study and the color it.

Hugo Color sketch

I took one of my sketches of Hugo and practiced coloring in photoshop. I like it and will do more details in the hairs, eyes etc. a little later. It comes with a study of the scull to understand the anatomy (see last post). I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My study of Sculls and Caricature

Here is part of my studies on Sculls in my Illustration work. This is part one of three from my Class with Jason Seiler on

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lars had a great Caricature gig at a reatiremt home on 5-6-2010

Spring Fling Art Fest

This was a paid job where I drew Caricatures at to benefit Life Enrichment Center. This event was at Aston Gardens of Tampa bay Florida on June 5th, 2010.