Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Letter of Recommendation for Lars-Erik Robinson

Dear Friend/Client or Family 

I am officially returning to get my Graduates degree  from the Academy of Art University towards my MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) in Illustration!  I wanted to have the chance advance my skills in this modern times,  financial situation, and to ultimately  one day to teach in College!

Please except this invitation to take a few minutes to fill in what you think about me in the pros and not in the cons. (In other words let me know personally about the negative ones so we can work on that together towards the future!) Please just write about any of the reasons you think it would be good for me to return to school and what type of direction you think I should study towards?

Thank You from the bottom Heart!

Sincerely yours,
Lars Erik Robinson
P.S. Any sponsorships or grants that you know about please forward them to me.

LarsER Arts "All Around Art-Tainment"
"Celebrating 15 years of Service"
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