Sunday, August 9, 2015

Built in a Kilt art work

I was out of my element trying to create  a vector image for a new local company called "built in a kilt" I created in all In Photoshop, and then saved in the illustrator vector program with separate layers. (it has been over 20 years since I really have used Illustratir, and yes admit that I need to Lear more on how to color, please chime in if you can help) I can't wait to see the work on my clients van being printed and Laid out my my friend Mike from i will share more soon. Still working on Arnie the Christmas Pig children's book and only 6 more to go and will have finished by November, 5 Illustrations depicting Hell for a book. Mural project starting next week for a underwater scene of 12 family members as sea creatures in an elevator shaft.

Newer Version:
Older version:


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