Thursday, August 9, 2018

Is blogging dying off and social media increasing in popularity

Hello, I could not believe it have been over a year since I have posted anything on my Google Blogger blog site. I do have a question and wondering if people even follow blogs any more. I know I gradually have been cutting back on post here on this blog, but even when I was posting a lot I never seemed to get a lot of feed back or not even knowing if anyone are even seeing my post. To challenge and reward my few followers that I have on this Blog I will give out a #free digital #sketch to the first  one that responds back to this post. I would like to hear what everyone would like to] hear and see more on this blog. The next few post I will be posting some of the #art work from this year. Today I meet with Kurt Wright to give him some prints, he is a really great artist as well. I did a #painting of his dog Lily R.I.P and a Digital sketch of him.

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