Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Testimoni on how I became saved and Jack & Jill

Here is a painting I am working of my two dogs Jack & Jill.
I am thinking of taking a Class with Thomas Fluharty on Schoolism.com. I screwed up and signed up and didn't talk with my wife. I will do it soon, but in the meanwhile maybe some one can help give me some advise for my portfolio, should I consider taking the Stephen Silver Character design course, or The oil Painting course with Tom?

I lived in Sweden and became involved in everything Hip-Hop culture offered and at first everything was positive in my youthful eyes! I used all types of drugs, and drank alot, and pornography was and still is a struggle! I eventually moved to the Floria USA; after being arrested for vandalism with Graffiti art. I always knew there was something peaceful over looking me, but while I was drunk at a party at Ringling College of Art & Design  one of my Christian Friends and great artist Tim McKenna came to my rescue, and gave me ride home. It took me until the birth of my son Sean in 1999 and I attended a bible study at St Anne of Grace in Seminole, Fl. I ended up on the ground and I know it sounds crazy, but a star in the sky was talking to me and became brighter! I had an overwhelming Sadness and at the same time an encouraging truth that God=Jesus died for my sins! I am soo greatful every day for his awesomeness!

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